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Natural, fresh, chemical-free water thanks to a bio-mineral filtration system

At Eaulistic, we believe that water is a very precious natural resource for all living things. By using a chlorine-free water purification technique, the effects are far-reaching and go beyond just the simple comfort of the swimmer. The elimination of chloramines has health benefits for both swimmers and pool staff, while it reduces the ecological footprint of the structure, significantly.
The advantages:
– the waste water (draining, rinsing filters) can be recycled (watering flowerbeds or kitchen gardens),
– annual pool draining and the regulated leakage rates are no longer mandatory,
– the need for powerful ventilation systems to remove chloride fumes are significantly reduced,
– the odour-free, improved air quality of the poolside environment and the whole building enable the housing of additional commercial activities.

Eaulistic can install a bio-mineral filtration system, meaning a chemical-free water treatment system (e.g. no chlorine) without the need for a phyto-purification system (filtering plants).
This patented filtration system, developed by Aquatic Science, offers a new approach to swimming pool water filtration. It uses chemical-free water to deliver a healthy, pure and eco-friendly swimming experience. This innovative filtration system is designed with commercial and public swimming pools in mind, whether indoor or out. It complies with public health standards and with “Decree no. 2019-299 of 10th April 2019 relating to the health and safety of public swimming pools”. The filtration unit is mounted on skids or prefabricated modules.

In addition to our cutting-edge bio-mineral water treatment system, Eaulistic aims to bring the aquatic environment to life through geometric and spatial design. In this way, the water retains its natural qualities and swimmers can benefit from it.

Illustration on the Vitii bio-mineral filtration system developed by Aquatic Science.

Examples of projects (both complete and in the design stage), using the bio-mineral filtration system

Zero impact buildings

Bioclimatic design

The main objective is to make the environment feel comfortable in the most natural way possible. A bioclimatic design approach saves energy and reduces heat consumption and air-conditioning costs, while at the same time providing a pleasant natural feeling atmosphere in a natural setting.

Bio-sourced materials

Where possible, we choose to utilize raw materials derived from biomass, whether of animal or plant origin. In the building industry, the most commonly used bio-sourced materials are wood, straw, hemp (or hempcrete), cellulose wadding, cork, flax and sheep’s wool. To comply with building regulations, these materials must also meet certain environmental constraints. The wood used must come from sustainably managed forests and the paints and coatings must meet European and French regulations on VOC’s.

Wood, earth and stone are the core materials in the structure of our buildings, while recycled materials, such as raw aluminium or recycled glass also feature. We aim to limit the use of concrete, opting for low carbon and clay substrates instead. For each new design, we strive to carry out a life cycle analysis of each of the materials used.
All our projects are designed to achieve the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Renewable energies

Renewable energies are only beneficial as an adjunct to good, energy-efficient design.
This is the NEGAWATT® philosophy that we apply here at EAULISTIC: energy sufficiency, energy efficiency, and renewable sources.
Depending on the geographical, climatic and economic context of each project, we look for the most appropriate energy solutions: thermal and/or photovoltaic solar energy, biomass boilers that transform organic waste, geothermal energy, small wind turbines, hydraulic energy from micro-turbines…

A new constructive approach

EAULISTICendorses a new way of designing and building, with the priority placed on “off-site” construction.

Thinking “Off-site” means organising an integrated eco-system of reliable and efficient partners capable of producing the components required.

The design of an EAULISTIC aquatic centre is based on the principles of DfMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly). The partners are chosen according to their skills and their proximity to the construction site, to avoid long distance transport and to weigh in favour of local regional employment.

This approach makes it easier to guarantee the works carried out (in terms of quality, performance and durability) and cuts construction site lead times by half.

Digital sphere

he EAULISTIC approach integrates cutting edge digital technology into our projects: e-payment systems, facial recognition, interactive information terminals, connected showers, tactile playgrounds, augmented reality…
The partners we have chosen have developed and patented the latest digital innovations in these sectors.
These digital elements are used to enhance the user’s experience, but also to improve the economic and ecological performance of each centre.

EAULISTIC also takes seriously the health and environmental problems surrounding electromagnetic waves in the design of its sites, particularly those associated with wifi. Acutely aware of the ecological footprint of electronic equipment, EAULISTIC endorses equipment manufactured in France or in Europe.

On a cosmic scale, liquid water is rarer than gold.

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