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The success of each project is dependent on the collaborative process between the project owners, managers, clients, users, operators and designers.
From the outset, EAULISTIC works to create an overview of the whole project and how best to make it happen.
The exclusive EAULISTIC Design Thinking method includes organising workshops and using collaborative tools to enable the sharing and pooling of information.
Our clients are involved in all stages of the development of the project and can therefore take full ownership of it. They are fully integrated in the design process and decision making. Their expertise in the field is at the heart of the project, and is called upon throughout the design and construction phases.
Collaborative design uses the sharing of knowledge and skills to obtain the best EAULISTIC aquatic centre adapted to each territory.

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Collaborative digital design

The digital tools of the exclusive EAULISTIC Design Thinking method allow us to share the experience of interactive design which the client can participate in.
EAULISTIC has developed specific tools which are complementary to the BIM (Building Information Model) in order to design and enrich each project at each stage in the work flow.

These tools are accessible to all those involved in the project and our partners, without exception.

We have very close links with the COSTE Architecture agency (winner of the first BIM d’OR in 2014 for the Saint Nazaire Aquatic Centre), and C2BIM (BIM specialist). These partnerships enable the development and optimised use of all the digital and parametric tools.

DfMA : Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

DfMA is a design process which uses a wide variety of tools and technologies to design a building with the aim to prefabricate and assemble it on site, thereby reducing its costs and increasing profitability.

The use of off-site construction is a core element of DfMA that takes advantage of all the benefits of prefabrication and minimizes on-site construction work.

EAULISTIC offers exclusive access to digital design tools to optimise off-site construction processes for unprecedented gains in reliability and construction lead times. This approach is made possible by the collaboration of a close-knit team of partners who are part of the EAULISTIC network.

Our partners

Our network of partners is fundamental to the implementation of this new constructive approach (DfMA). Our list of partners will continue to grow as we make new contacts and our need for different skills and expertise in different geographical locations evolves. Our current network of partners offer all the skills required to see through an EAULISTIC project from start to finish but has scope to grow with each new project.

Investing in each local region

The success of a project depends on its ties to the local region. Each project is an opportunity to collaborate with the economic decision-makers in the region and to create new jobs locally.

For each new EAULISTIC project, local businesses are invited to join the design phase as well as the construction and operational phases. They then become partners in the EAULISTIC network. This integration of new partners is essential to build our geographical reach.


Water is the blood of the earth; it supports all life.

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