Are you a local MP? Do you run an aqua fitness club?
Would you like to create a fun pool area at your outdoor campsite to draw in more visitors?
We would be happy to discuss your ideas with you.


Eaulistic is an innovative company with expertise in several fastmoving areas such as bioclimatic architecture, bio-mineral water treatment and off-site construction. Our creativity is constantly fed and nourished by the rewarding projects we design. If you would like to learn more about Eaulistic’s innovative concepts, then please subscribe to our newsletter. We promise not to bombard you with too much information and we’ll do our best to make our newsletters an interesting read.

By telephone

We can call you to talk about your project offer you our innovative solutions. Let us know your preferred time to receive calls in the message field.


Perhaps you would like to take part in an interactive videoconference where we can explain the Eaulistic approach but also listen to your project needs and answer all your questions.


Wherever you are, and if you give us a little notice, we will come out and see you in person. We would be delighted to visit your local area and discuss your ideas for your specific project.

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