To design ecological and cost-effective aquatic spaces

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Reduced ecological footprint

Ecology is at EAULISTIC’s core.

We adhere to bioclimatic design, the use of bio-sourced materials, which are procured locally, where possible.
Our biomineral water treatment process respects the ecosystem and the life of water.
These solutions guarantee high-energy performance with a low ecological footprint.

New economic approach

The cost of the investment is optimised from the outset. Even the initial design stage factors this in.
We aim to provide constructive solutions, which are both pragmatic and innovative, such as limiting or even eliminating basements, simplifying wall complexes, etc.

The use of a digital BIM (Building Information Models), facilitates this control over the budget and construction process.

Once a project is completed, the passive bioclimatic design enables significant savings in energy and water consumption.

Our goal is that every EAULISTIC aquatic centre will be a Positive Energy Building (BEPOS).

EAULISTIC’s digital and integrative approach enables us to halve the delivery times on both the design and construction stages.

A new functional approach

EAULISTIC offers new design solutions that break with the traditional organisation of aquatic centres. For the last 100 years, public swimming pools have grouped together the small functional spaces: the changing rooms, lockers and showers… often connecting them via narrow corridors. It is hard to feel at ease and relax in these enclosed spaces.

EAULISTIC however, have turned this on its head and re-imagined every detail of the space available.

The fundamental idea being to allow more freedom, creativity and individuality for the visitors’ sense of well-being by playing with light, shapes, materials, the flow of energy and an innovative sequence of functions. The pleasure of the aquatic centre experience starts as soon as you enter an EAULISTIC space.

Enhanced commercial use

Organised around an organic and ecological chlorine-free pool, the EAULISTIC design model makes it possible to accommodate all kinds of new activities and experiences for the user to enjoy. These are rich and diverse in nature. They include food courts, hotels, co-working spaces, well-being, sports, health… to name but a few.

The savings gained on the construction costs can be redirected into the financing of these new spaces, which benefit from an energy synergy (pooling of water resources, high degree energy recovery), and economic synergy (new income-generating activities).

Depending on the needs and the specifications of each client, the EAULISTIC centre becomes a “third place” open to all, offering a vision of the future for the local economy. This is why EAULISTIC transforms a simple aquatic centre into a real living space around water..

Learning how to swim

In 1965, the ability to swim was established by the French government as a fundamental life skill in the same way as Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. However, in France today, 1 in 7 adults and 1 in 2 children (by the time they enter high school) cannot swim. The current system is not fulfilling its obligations.

To address this shortfall, EAULISTIC now offers a range of innovative solutions for learning to swim in the school environment. These include transportable modular indoor swimming pools which can be integrated into a school site, or adaptable and cost-effective learning pools.


Water is the driving force of all nature

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